DR/BC Plan Development and Implementation

The ever-increasing cyberthreats from terrorist attacks, natural disasters, hackers, and viruses have highlighted the need for organizations to prepare Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations plans. CryptoForensics’ experts understand these threats as well as an organization’s essential functions and aim to deliver high availability of systems and infrastructure every day, not just in times of crisis. Using an enterprise-wide approach, we identify essential business functions, assess your state of operations, and then recommend policies to reduce disruptions and risks, train your staff in preparedness techniques, and provide documentation and control for critical systems and networks.

CryptoForensics will ensure that the solution will fit within the overall framework of your risk management and enterprise security requirements, change management practices, incident response policies and procedures, and Certification & Accreditation (C&A) life cycle. Additionally, all CryptoForensics’ solutions meet requirements set forth in several government specifications, including OMB A-130, HSPD 20, DoD 3020.26, and DoDI 3020.45, and further follow NIST guidance for COOP planning (800-34) and testing/training/exercises (800-84).

Our Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Offerings include:

  • Site-specific threat assessments
  • Detailed contingency plans development
  • Operations framework implementation
  • Standard operating procedures development
  • Training staff through classroom instruction, workshops, and computer-based methods
  • Direct procedural and performance drills
  • Standard and customized automated support systems implementation

Concrete benefits of our services:

  • Improve ability to avoid or reduce business disruption
  • Minimize ad hoc reorganization, duplication, and confusion
  • Provide detailed guidance for restoring normal operations without disrupting key activities
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses resulting from unexpected outages
  • Prepare employees to effectively deal with contingencies

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Today, most enterprises try to deal with cybersecurity threats by focusing inwardly through conducting vulnerability assessments, making detailed network maps, and in some cases, deploying robust patch management processes to continuously monitor their networks and systems. While this approach provides some benefits, against many cyber threats it's ineffective. Most corporate networks are so large and complex that it's simply too difficult to identify all of their assets, or all of their vulnerabilities, and patch them fast enough. Today's cyber wrongdoers are sophisticated, well-funded, and patient—they use a wide range of techniques to penetrate even well-protected enterprises...