Training Solutions

Now is the time to sharpen or acquire the real world skills needed to protect your organization from unwanted attacks, malware, viruses, and trojans with our training classes and courses. CryptoForensics Technologies’ Cyber Security Training programs are designed to equip individuals and corporate entities to effectively manage operations critical to ensuring the integrity of an organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure. Our course offerings focus on impacting the skills and knowledge needed to prevent, detect, and counter cybersecurity threats. Trainees also learn and acquire core skills related to their organization’s cyberspace infrastructure, such as Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Access Control, and Disaster Prevention and Recovery. We are extremely proud of our dedicated instructors, who are among the most experienced and esteemed trainers in the world. They provide the best training the industry has to offer, including on-site, hands-on classes and top quality self-paced video training.

CryptoForensics Technologies offers top-of-the-line cybersecurity trainings that can be customized for individuals and corporate entities in the following areas and specialties:

  • Cybersecurity program design and implementation
  • Cybersecurity Awareness program design and implementation
  • Cybersecurity incident response program design and implementation
  • Privacy program design and implementation
  • Cybersecurity risk assessment and methodologies
  • Cybersecurity Metrics
  • Web applications penetration testing and defense
  • Network penetration testing and defense
  • Wireless systems penetrating testing and defense.
  • Professional Certifications:
    • CISSP
    • CISA
    • CEH
    • CompTIA Security+

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Today, most enterprises try to deal with cybersecurity threats by focusing inwardly through conducting vulnerability assessments, making detailed network maps, and in some cases, deploying robust patch management processes to continuously monitor their networks and systems. While this approach provides some benefits, against many cyber threats it's ineffective. Most corporate networks are so large and complex that it's simply too difficult to identify all of their assets, or all of their vulnerabilities, and patch them fast enough. Today's cyber wrongdoers are sophisticated, well-funded, and patient—they use a wide range of techniques to penetrate even well-protected enterprises...