Data Loss Investigations

With the proliferation of BYOD and other mobile resources, it is all too easy to lose sensitive corporate data. Losing proprietary information and/or having sensitive information exposed to an undesired audience can put a client’s reputation at risk and may have serious consequences. Data loss occurs when a laptop or other BYOD device is lost, a USB drive is stolen, or sensitive data is exposed unintentionally. CryptoForensics provide services to help clients clearly comprehend the depth of their data loss. A detailed report on forensic analysis is prepared after such an investigation. Further, we can provide a report/statistics of the depth of the breach, file names, and their sensitive information. Typical information we gather, depending on source evidence depth, include:

  • Personally identifiable information
  • Proprietary information
  • Specific document types
  • Files created between certain dates
  • Recently access files by the owner of the lost data


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Today, most enterprises try to deal with cybersecurity threats by focusing inwardly through conducting vulnerability assessments, making detailed network maps, and in some cases, deploying robust patch management processes to continuously monitor their networks and systems. While this approach provides some benefits, against many cyber threats it's ineffective. Most corporate networks are so large and complex that it's simply too difficult to identify all of their assets, or all of their vulnerabilities, and patch them fast enough. Today's cyber wrongdoers are sophisticated, well-funded, and patient—they use a wide range of techniques to penetrate even well-protected enterprises...