Company Overview

CryptoForensics Technologies Incorporation provides serious and comprehensive strategic cybersecurity solutions that enable our clients’ organizations to retain their constituents’ confidence by proactively preventing data loss, assuring privacy and confidentiality of critical operational resources, and detecting thwarting threats to strategic competitive intellectual property. Through leveraging our unparalleled cybersecurity expertise, in-depth industry knowledge, and innovative technologies, we are able to deliver enhanced, cost-effective, and flexible cybersecurity solutions to align with each of our client’s strategic needs.

CryptoForensics’ personnel work with senior operational teams to assess the viability of their chosen strategies, and shape their operations to continuously support governance and growth objectives. Our approach—grounded in our proven implementation experience and leveraging the “best and brightest” partners and most innovative technologies—delivers solutions are forward-thinking, innovative, and pragmatic, and always at a cost that recognizes that cybersecurity is not and should not be a bank breaker!

Our Comprehensive Suite of Solutions and Services

1.Cybersecurity Risk and IT Security Assessment – This includes industry or federal standards based assessment to identify sources of risk and evaluate their impact on core business process to develop a plan that improves the client organization’s operational resiliency.

2. Our Cybersecurity Architecture Review – This offering is a review of the critical network and security infrastructure, in the context of how effectively it supports the client organization’s cybersecurity program and operational strategy. CryptoForensics provides recommendations to improve cybersecurity posture and compensating controls implemented via technical solutions targeted at lowering costs and elevating existing technologies and capabilities.

3. Cybersecurity Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment – This offering is targeted at identifying technical and configuration vulnerabilities associated with mission-critical cyber-infrastructure components.

4. Cryptoforensics’ Cybersecurity compliance Services – These services help organizations to adhere to cybersecurity program specifications, standards, policies, and laws about information systems and the overall organizational security risk posture that have been clearly defined. Government agencies and private sector organizations are required to show compliance on a continual basis, adhering to various standards and directives, such as FISMA, DIACAP, SCAP, NIST, FDCC, HSPD-x, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memos/directives, HIPAA, and others. CryptoForensics Technologies are the go-to specialists that would enable each client organization to meet their unique cybersecurity challenges.

5. Cryptoforensics’ Cyberforensics Services – These services are focused on taking on, and meeting the challenges of, data privacy and data protection, which continue to be significant business issues. Today and in years to come, they challenge organizations from a number of perspectives, including business risk, compliance, brand, and reputation. Having performed data privacy and protection projects for large international organizations impacted by almost every major privacy law in the United States and beyond, CryptoForensics has shown that it can effectively manage the business risk and compliance issues relating to data privacy and its protection. We have assisted organizations with:

  • Performing privacy and security risk assessments using the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule, HITECH provisions, Safe Harbor Framework, GAPP, MA 201 CMR, and PCI DSS as baseline requirements
  • Documenting the information life-cycle, including the identification of key controls
  • Complying with cross-border data transfer requirements
  • Developing a data classification model
  • Conducting privacy gap analysis to validate compliance with applicable regulations
  • Preparing privacy impact assessments
  • Developing breach notification procedures
  • Developing a corporate privacy framework
  • Creating a principle-based privacy policy and privacy charter
  • Conducting tailored privacy awareness training

6. CryptoForensics’ Library – CryptoForensics is thoroughly familiar with and maintains an expansive library of privacy legislation requirements for the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. This library includes HIPAA, PCI Data Security Standard, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) of British Columbia, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act), UK Data Protection Act, EU Directive 95/46/EC, and US Safe Harbor.

7. CryptoForensics’ Expert Solutions – CryptoForensics is a Single Source Provider that provides a full range of expert solutions to complement our clients’ total data protection needs, including Tape-based Backup and Recovery, Data Management, E-Discovery Processing, Automated Online Backup, Managed Recovery, as well as providing support to existing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.

8. CryptoForensics Technologies’ Partnership – CryptoForensics is a Trusted Partner to vendors of top of-the-line cybersecurity products and service providers. It has earned its place at the table with the best of the best within the industry. This is evidence to underscore our strong commitment to the clients and industries we serve. CryptoForensics Technologies takes a consultative approach to each client and their operational and business needs by providing custom-tailored solutions to fit their exact requirements.

9. CyberSecurity Operations Center – These offerings are focused on transforming the way our clients implement and conduct cybersecurity operations by creating a comprehensive, collaborative, and illimitable security solutions and platforms that become the basis for how each client not only protects but also values their information. Today, organizations are no longer defined by physical boundaries: People now collaborate across company, agency, geography, language, and media. Based on our experience in evaluating security posture and implementing leading-edge security solutions over the years, CryptoForensics Technologies offers a powerful roadmap tailored to enable each client organization to quickly deploy cutting edge technological innovations, such as event correlation structures, bleeding-edge technology integration, mobile security solutions, and cybersecurity operational frameworks.

10. Cyber-Situational Awareness – CryptoForensics Technologies’ also provides Cyber Situational Awareness offerings focused on helping client organizations to meet the challenges involved in preparing for catastrophic events that could degrade or shut down their cybersecurity assets and data resources, networks, and/or create insider threat capabilities with other cyber components (i.e., physical, personal, environmental, policy compliance, etc.). Our Cyber-Situational Awareness solution provides continual improvement for cyber-readiness respond-and-recover capabilities, as well as situation awareness and assured information collaboration during the response and recovery phases of cyber incidents.